Prestigious National Award for ‘Outstanding’ Brighton Hearing Expert

An audiologist from Brighton, Sam Blakemore, has been awarded the title of Audiologist of the Year by the British Academy of Audiology (BAA).

The award recognises someone who stands out from the crowd when it comes to patient care, making a difference to patient’s lives and going the extra mile for them. Sam (pictured right) trained as an audiologist in Brighton in 2001 before going on to finish her training in London and returning to Brighton in 2005. She was nominated by the mother of a patient who has received audiology care from Sam and her team for over a decade.

In her nomination she said:

“Sam has provided my son (a keen drummer) with an outstanding service over the past 14 years. She expertly assisted the fitting of his very first hearing aids when he was four years of age and witnessed that magical moment when they are switched on for the first time! She saw the joy in his face, his excitement and burst of energy as he heard new sounds for the first time and was able to engage with those around him better. She supported him throughout his schooling with kindness and skill.

“Most recently, after performing his final paediatric hearing test at his transition to adult services appointment, with pleasure Sam informed us that his hearing remains stable (despite his loud practicing) always great news to hear as a mother! Nonetheless, she expertly advised my son, who is soon to commence a degree in drumming, to get some ear protection for professional musicians.

“Each and every time Sam has treated my son with the utmost respect, kindness and patience, which I believe, combined with her high sense of professionalism and obvious technical skill, (leaving us mesmerized each time we go for an appointment as she tweaks buttons & adjusts settings!) make her an outstanding audiologist and I feel she thoroughly deserves the accolade of this award for her obvious commitment and dedication to assisting the lives of those who are hearing impaired.”

Sam said:

“It’s true – I do remember his first hearing aid fitting all those years ago. It was such a delight to see his reaction to hearing sounds for the first time through the aids. This really is testament to the whole team though as, while I have been seeing him most often for his hearing aid reviews, other people have been involved and initially, of course, he was seen within 2 tester clinics. The admin team and those supporting him on repairs have also contributed greatly to that high level of confidence mum has in our service. So, others’ expertise has unquestionably shaped and supported them throughout the years. So much so, she felt motivated to submit the nomination!”

The award was presented by Sue Falkingham (pictured left), President of the BAA at the annual British Academy of Audiologists Conference in November. The BAA is the largest association of professionals in hearing and balance in the UK and internationally, and provides services in both the public and private sector.