Patient First Improvement Programme (PFIS): First wards at RSCH

The Patient First Improvement System (PFIS) is the Lean management programme designed to develop our people’s ability to solve problems and improve performance.

During the programme, delivered by the Kaizen team, teams receive specialist training to introduce tools and techniques that will help eliminate waste from everyday processes and begin to improve them on a continuing basis.

The first wave of wards and departments receiving the Patient First Improvement System (PFIS) training are:

  • AMU
  • A&E
  • ITU
  • Bristol Ward
  • Jowers Ward
  • Donald Hall and Solomon Ward (the Hyper Acute Stroke Unit).

Staff from these six areas, all on the Royal Sussex County Hospital site started their intensive three month training programme on 12 December 2017. The training will equip teams with the skills and tools they need to eliminate those issues that come up time and again and prevent staff from being able to deliver outstanding patient care.

These areas were selected based on what the teams learned from rolling out PFIS at Western. The six PFIS areas have the same divisional leadership and are all on the same site, making it easier for those departments involved in the training to learn from and support one another. The second wave of training will happen at PRH early 2018.

Leaders can also look forward to participating in the Strategy Deployment Room (SDR) training, which will start in January 2018.

PFIS is just one element of the wider Patient First picture, but it is an effective tool in driving improvements and eliminating problems and inefficiencies.

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