NHS70 – Friday 6th July: Looking towards the next 70 years

Looking towards the next 70 years

What a week this has been! Across BSUH, staff, patients, volunteers and even visitors have been getting into the NHS 70th Birthday celebration spirit.

The Birthday Boards are filling up with messages of thanks, support and gratitude, as well as amusing stories from across the years.

Today, we had an opportunity to look forward to the next 70 years, thanks to a dramatic look across the Royal Sussex County Hospital site from the top of the helideck.


The video will be available through the Trust’s Facebook page and the virtual tour gave us the opportunity to look into the future of patient care facilities in Brighton once the £485million development is complete.

Thank You to Richard Beard and the 3Ts team for giving us a bird’s eye view of the new developments and an idea of how the Hospital will look in years to come!

Some Very Special ‘Thank Yous’…

This week of NHS70 Celebrations has been made possible thanks to the hard work of a large number of people.

On Thursday, all wards and departments throughout the Trust received a special NHS70 hamper. These were packed by a team of wonderful volunteers at Telscombe Cliffs Community Church.

Thank you not only to the volunteers but to the team at the Community Church who lent us their amazing space for two weeks!

The Relocation Team – especially Micky and Tom – who collected the contents of the hampers, arranged the loan of the church hall and helped to deliver over 900 hampers throughout our Trust and Western Sussex Hospitals as well!

Thank You to our corporate supporters, for their generosity on the NHS’ 70th Birthday.

Challenge Packaging donated all of the boxes which our volunteers turned into hampers. Simon Allen, MD, Challenge Packaging, said: “It’s our pleasure to help such a special bunch of people who are largely under undervalue and underappreciated.”
You can find out more about Challenge Packaging on their website and through Twitter.

Horsham Gingerbread donated delicious treats which kept our volunteers fuelled through the hours of hamper making! Lesley Ward, Owner, said: “The main reason I donated the products is to say thank you to the people who keep the wheels turning at the NHS – we all have reason to be grateful to them. Despite what the newspapers say, we still have a free health service to be proud of, where no one asks the very sick if they have insurance cover before treating them.”
Find out more about Horsham Gingerbread through their website.

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company – who kindly donated thousands of tea bags to the Trust. What better way to celebrate than with a good strong brew?
You can find out more about Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company through their website, and Twitter.

Have you enjoyed this special NHS 70 Birthday Celebration week? We’d love to hear from you – share your stories or pictures with us by Tweeting us directly (@BSUH_NHS) and using the hashtags #NHS70 and #BSUH.

Our Facebook page is also the perfect place to share your recollections of life at the Trust through the years.

Thank You to everyone who has been involved this week!