Much-loved hospital volunteer receives award for over 35 years of service

From the Brighton bombing in The Grand Hotel to the Fatboy Slim Concert on Brighton Beach, Bidge Garton has been a support throughout many noted occasions in Brighton’s history. She’s even visited Buckingham Palace by nomination from the BSUH NHS Trust and met The Queen. This week she received a Long Service Award for her outstanding service of 35 years to the NHS.

Bidge started by delivering hospital menus to patients and later gained skills in counselling. She now works in the A&E department where she uses her skills to help counsel the recently bereaved and give advice on the subject of organ donation.

Originally a youth worker at Peachaven Community Centre, Bidge said: “I’ve always had a gift for getting people to open up to me. A lot of people get frustrated because they need things explained to them. They just want the time for someone to talk things through with them and to listen to them. This is something I can do and that I love to do.”

In asking if she was intending to slow down or to stop, Bridge said: “I have no intention to stop. I love what I do. I’ve learned so much and am continuing to grow all the time.”