Teaching Tips from our expert TEL team!

Here is the first of a series of top teaching tips from our UHSussex TEL Team.


Start with a housekeeping slide.

This should contain your session rules and guidelines for learners. 

Raised hand

For online Team sessions, it could include directions such as mute yourselves and use the Raise Hand function to ask questions.




For face-to-face sessions, it may be to request learners to silence their phones or wear face masks.

Smart phone

Face mask





Ideally, this slide should be displayed as learners start coming into the session and briefly discussed before the teaching begins.


For more guidance and support with the use of learning technology to enhance teaching, you can follow the TEL team on Twitter @UHSussex_TEL

You can also reach out to the following learning technologists via email:

Yannis Vatis: ioannis.vatis@nhs.net

Tom Ward: thomas.ward20@nhs.net