March Book of the Month: Communication Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome…

…Do we speak the same language? by Olga BogdashinaFront cover of the book of the month for March. Title of the book is Communication Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome

In this updated edition, Olga Bogdashina provides a theoretical foundation for understanding communication and language impairments specific to autism. She explores the effects of different perceptual and cognitive styles on the communication and language development of autistic children.

She also stresses the importance of identifying each individual’s nonverbal language – which can be visual, tactile, kinaesthetic, auditory, olfactory or gustatory – to establish verbal communication.

Reflecting recent research and changes in terminology, the book explains why some approaches may work for some autistic children but not for others, and the ‘What They Say’ sections allow the reader to see through the eyes of autistic individuals and understand their language differences first-hand.

‘What We Can Do to Help’ sections throughout the book give practical recommendations for helping autistic individuals use their natural mechanisms to learn and develop social and communicative skills. The final chapters are devoted to assessment and intervention issues with recommendations for selecting appropriate methods and techniques to enhance communication, based on the specific mode of communication a person uses.

‘Must read for autistics, autism professionals & parents of autistic children!’

– Amazon reviewer

An authoritative reference source. Readers will be able to incorporate the ideas, principles and techniques of this book in their daily routines and see immediate results.’

– Manuel F. Casanova, Endowed Chair in Childhood Neurotherapeutics, University of South Carolina School of Medicine.

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