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The new Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge Service Annual Report for 2021-22 illustrates how our work has enhanced the quality of patient care, service improvement, study, research and clinical teaching over the last year.

We’ve provided evidence to answer your specific patient care dilemmas and to ensure service development follows the most up to date and reliable guidance:

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Our teaching has enabled health professionals to find and appraise health information, giving them confidence to research patient care for themselves:

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Our speedy document delivery team traced and delivered journal articles to busy staff, saving them valuable time to spend on their patients:

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Our KnowledgeShare Evidence Updates ensured clinical staff stayed up to date, despite their heavy workloads:

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Our patient education team worked with clinical teams to create clear, accessible patient leaflets and place them on the UHSussex website:
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Our iris Team supported BSUH Trust educators in developing and enhancing their courses:

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Our Clinical Librarians co-authored papers with clinicians to progress excellence and best practice:

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You can read the full report here.

Contact Ben Skinner on ben.skinner@nhs.net to discuss how we can contribute to the work of you and your team.