Filming and 360 scanning services offered by our TEL Team

The TEL Team have a large inventory of filming and recording equipment, plus editing services, available for the creation of learning projects. We have undertaken numerous filming projects for departments across the Trust, and you will have seen many of these videos on iris course pages.

Would you like any filming undertaken as part of learning provision within your department? Perhaps you would like some training on how to operate our filming equipment yourself, with a view to using our kit to create your own learning projects? The TEL Team will gladly offer this, and we will work with you to identify your learning objectives and how best to meet these, and a timescale for project completion.

360 scanning and Virtual Reality

 In addition to our filming services, we have recently expanded into the field of 360 scanning and virtual reality projects.

360 scanning creates a navigable 3d environment of a room or department that the user – staff or patients, for example – can explore at their own pace and familiarise themselves with certain features in the environment by reading text tags on objects, viewing pop-up videos and following links to webpages for further information.

Use the links below to view 360 scans of our libraries:

Our 360 cameras can also film content for viewing with virtual reality headsets. We can assemble a comprehensive and entertaining learning package comprising a scenario where progression is achieved by the learner immersing themselves in the 360 degree video and answering multiple-choice questions in order to progress. We have a selection of Oculus Quest VR headsets that learners can use to participate in this learning.

For more guidance and consultations involving the use of learning technology to enhance teaching, you can follow the TEL team on Twitter @UHSussex_TEL

For filming guidance and consultation, you can reach out to Denzil Roue at

You can also reach out to the following learning technologists via email:

Yannis Vatis:

Tom Ward: