Book of the Month for November: Body Image Problems & Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Welcome to our monthly feature showcasing a new book available to borrow from your library service. The books are chosen by our team.

This month, we have chosen Body Image Problems & Body Dysmorphic Disorder, by Lauren Callaghan, Annemarie O’Connor & Chloe Catchpole

Book cover‘It’s time to re-acquaint yourself with all the many, wonderful, unique, and precious things about you.’

From the heart and soul of Chloe Catchpole, who battled body dysmorphia for years, and the expert insight of her psychologists, Lauren Callaghan and Annemarie O’Connor, comes the definitive recovery guide for anyone suffering from body image concerns. This unique self-help book contains advice and recovery tools from the separate perspectives of two leading psychologists and their patient to help you learn about body image issues and teach you effective strategies to challenge and overcome them.



“This book has really helped me understand reasons for my current difficulties and having read the client account, I don’t feel as alone. Reading this has given me a sense of hope about the future, and I know other people will feel the same.” Amazon Kindle reviewer

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