Au Revoir Elaine!

Elaine Watson, our Senior KnowledgeShare Librarian, is taking up a post with Health Education England. Though happy for Elaine, we’re sad to lose her. As Ben Skinner, our Head of Knowledge and Libraries says:

“Elaine has been fundamental to the success of our KnowledgeShare project and will be hugely missed by the team. I have fond memories of travelling up to London with Elaine to meet our developers and begin shaping the software that would eventually become KnowledgeShare.

Ten years later and the system is now used by NHS knowledge and library teams across more than 60% of England and Wales to manage the provision of evidence services for their clinical and managerial colleagues.

Elaine has been tireless and dedicated in the support of our KnowledgeShare customers, managing the expansion of the service and keeping our teams happy (she once received biscuits in the post from East Anglia to thank her for her support!).  We would not have achieved all this without Elaine, and we wish her every happiness and success in her future endeavours.”

Below is Elaine’s farewell to her colleagues and library users:

“After 10 years, it’s time to wish you all au revoir, but not goodbye.

I’m moving on to pastures new at HEE, but will still be in the NHS library world, so will hopefully bump into many of you at events or training in the future.

I’ve very fond memories of the on-site training and have really enjoyed meeting so many fellow librarians in person.

I’m sad to no longer be supporting you with KnowledgeShare, but I’m going to leave you in the very safe hands of the KnowledgeShare Team (Rachel, Clare and Ceri).”

As Elaine says, KnowledgeShare will continue. We are in the process of recruiting Elaine ‘s replacement and will keep you posted.