The TEL Team on Twitter

As the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team, we have made it our aim to bring cutting-edge learning technologies to the Trust. One of our missions is to promote TEL and our services as widely as possible, and one of our initiatives has been to maintain a presence on Twitter.

With this post, we wanted to outline what we are currently doing on Twitter and what our plans are to expand our content to make the account a place that further facilitates our key missions.

Our Current Presence on Twitter

At the moment, our Twitter account is focused on delivering updates to the iris platform, including announcements and urgent notices regarding the service.

In the past, we attempted to enrich our Twitter feed through the following content:

  • TEL tips
  • New iris course launches
  • Curated posts related to learning technology

As our account was still small, we saw little engagement with these posts. However, we still firmly believe there is value in sharing TEL-related content, especially now that the Trust has expanded with more subject matter experts and educators.

Expanding our Content

Our plan is to post on our Twitter account more regularly with content that is relevant to our audience. We have a few ideas on what we would like to do and with what frequency. However, we would like to get feedback from you, our users, on what content you would like to see.

To that effect, we have set up a quick anonymous survey which you can fill out by selecting here. The results of this survey will help inform our next actions and the type of content we serve to you via our Twitter account.

If you are not following already, you can get the latest updates on iris and TEL by visiting our profile here or searching for our account @UHSussex_TEL.