Excellent NSS scores for BSMS Libraries

BSMS Libraries ranked first for Learning Resources in the 2021 National Student Survey.

In the 2021 National Student Survey, BSMS scored 95% for overall satisfaction with the course and was placed in third place for all medical schools included in this survey. This is a rise from joint fourth in 2020.

The NSS is carried out annually to gather students’ opinions on the quality of their courses which helps to:

  • inform prospective students’ choices
  • provide data that supports universities and colleges to improve the student experience
  • support public accountability.

Every university in the UK takes part in the NSS, as do many colleges.

The pandemic had a negative effect on the sector average for overall satisfaction in UK medical schools, which dropped by 6% from 88% last year to 82%. BSMS scored 13% above the medical school average and 20% above the HE average. BSMS had an overall response rate of 87%, which is remarkable, given the pandemic, indicating the data collected from BSMS students is robust and representative.

BSMS scored well above the sector average in all 27 NSS statements, which are grouped under ten headings, covering criteria such as Teaching, Learning opportunities, Assessment and Learning Resources.

BSMS is ranked first out of all medical schools in five of the ten groups of questions, including Learning Resources. It is immensely gratifying that our Learning Resources have been valued and recognised by our students during a year when these have never been more important.

The BSMS library team will continue to work to ensure that the student experience of Learning Resources remains excellent.

You can see more details on the NSS website under NSS data: provider-level.