Do you need help with your research ideas?

We are frequently asked by our library members to carry out evidence searches for research or publication purposes,  but we can also help to support you at the beginning of your research journey.

Below are some ideas of how we can help:

Do you have an idea but aren’t sure what research is already out there on your topic?

We can carry out a scoping search to retrieve results on your topic. This could help to see what is already published,        identify a gap in the literature and help choose a suitable study design for your topic e.g. is there enough literature          for a systematic review or would a literature review be more suitable?

Do you have a research idea (and a title!) but aren’t sure if it has been done before?

We can conduct an evidence search using your title to retrieve any similar articles – this can help you see if your idea      has already been done and what other similar articles are out there.

Do you have your publication written up but aren’t sure where to publish?

We can use your title and abstract to retrieve a list of journal titles that have published articles similar to yours.

Here is feedback from health professionals on how the evidence we’ve provided has been used:

Quote on research

Quote for research

Quote for research

If you would like the evidence to underpin your research, please get in touch at