December’s Book of the Month: Live longer with AI

Welcome to the tenth book in our monthly feature showcasing a new book  available to borrow from your library service. The books are chosen by our team.

This month we have chosen an e-book, Live Longer with AI: How artificial intelligence is helping to extend our healthspan and live better too.

See the review below:

“This well-documented book, with multiple interviews with great scientists and entrepreneurs, is an opening toward a serene approach to the value of exponential technologies.

These conversations don’t rush us into an apocalyptic future. Instead, they offer us more choices and the ability to reflect on who we want to become.

We all may be ready for this more than ever before. After all, there may be some silver lining to the current pandemic as it  “has shown how quickly we can make drastic changes to our lifestyles, abandoning long-held habits and practices. These shifts may not be short-lived, either; indeed, they may become permanent reminders of the dramatic behavioral and cultural shifts currently underway.”

A great (and very easy) read!”  Marylene DelbourgDelphis, Serial Technology CEO.

This e-book is available to borrow here.  Select University Hospitals Sussex as your institution and remember you will need to log in with your OpenAthens account to access this book.

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