Enriched support for Sussex Primary Care staff

Our Knowledge and Library Service has long supported general practitioners and practice staff with our evidence services and information skills training, but a new role supporting the regional Training Hub will allow us to further help primary care.

The newly established Primary Care Networks (PCNs) will incorporate a wider range of multi-disciplinary staff, such as physician associates and specialist allied health practitioners, and the Hubs will support their ongoing education and professional development.

Health Education England (HEE) have funded 16 library roles around the country to work with their local Hubs, giving us an exciting opportunity to show the value Library and Knowledge Specialists can provide.

Tom Kelly to the West and Kevin Burgoyne from the East of Sussex will be sharing the role, both having already been involved in primary care work for a number of years. Tom and Kevin will be spending the next few months raising awareness and discussing with project leads, staff and learners how best to support them, in these very interesting times for primary care.

Both Tom and Kevin will retain some of their current work; Tom with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Kevin with Microguide.

You can get in touch with them on: