Making your teaching and presenting a little easier

We’ve added new audio-visual equipment to the PRH Library to support teachers and facilitators when using our computer rooms.

  • The Clevertouch screen and cable-free keyboard are easy to use and allow more flexibility and student participation.
  • A range of cables and adaptors lets you connect your own laptop or ipad to the screen to share your presentations and files.
  • Two new webcams and tripods can be sited anywhere in the computer rooms during your session. This will enable you to deliver teaching and presentations effectively to attendees present in the room and to those logging in remotely.

Unsure how to use the A/V equipment?

Visit the iris course page for guidance on using Clevertouch and delivering remote teaching effectively.

Booking a room for teaching at PRH Library

Contact us on  and state if you wish to make use of the A/V equipment.

Note: all equipment is for use in the library only and cannot be removed.