Book of the month for August!

Welcome to the sixth book in our monthly feature showcasing a new book  available to borrow from your library service. The books are chosen by our team.

This month we have chosen The Foundation Programme for Doctors— getting in, getting on and getting out.

The book is by Ferras Alwan, Rohin Francis Emma-Jane Smith. Below is a summary:

‘An invaluable resource for our new generation of doctors.

It takes readers through the process from application, to F2 and beyond.

It offers useful advice in a useable and readable format. It is written by a group of current and past medical students who have lived through, and continue to live through, the insecurities of the changing medical career structures.

Its style is informal, engaging and easy to absorb, so it should be a good distraction for those currently in the run-up to their finals exams.

Good luck to all of you, and don’t forget, Medicine is a wonderful career.’

– Jane Dacre, in the Foreword.



The book is available to borrow as an e-book here.

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