Book of the month for July: Wandering the wards

Welcome to the fifth book in our new monthly feature showcasing a new book  available to borrow from your library service. The books are chosen by our team.

Book coverThis month we have chosen Wandering The Wards by Katie Featherstone & Andy Northcott—an ethnography of hospital care and its consequences for people living with dementia.

See the review below for a taster:

“This is a starkly beautiful book and one that everyone should read. It highlights politics of identity.

It shows how identities take shape and are allocated within institutional and organisational ecologies. It reminds us that many of the taken-for-granted assumptions about difference are, at least in part, of our own social, technical, material, aesthetic, economic and political making.

And it reminds us that difficult identities and attributions may be reversed if we are willing to adapt the materials, practices, resource allocations and aesthetic preferences through which we enact the realities that are our lives.”

– Gary Ansdell & Tia DeNora, Sociology of Health & Illness Journal


The book is available to borrow now from the RSCH and PRH libraries, but you’ll need to be quick!  Contact us on to reserve your copy.

We’d love to hear your own review when you read it.

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