April Book of the Month: “The Courage to Care”

Our  monthly feature showcases a new book available to borrow from your library service. The books are chosen by our team.

This month we have chosen The Courage To Care –  A Call For Compassion’ by Christie Watson.

Christie is an award-winning, bestselling writer. She has been a nurse for over twenty years.

See the review below for a taster:


Watson has an unflinching eye for detail, and her ability to put the reader in the room means that we too bear witness…

As Watson explains in her introduction, she has been talking and writing about the importance of nurses for years, but Covid-19 – which came along as she was making her final edits to the book – has made her subject more poignant and timely — “

Cathy Rentzenbrink ― The Times




The book is available to borrow now from the RSCH and PRH libraries, but you’ll need to be quick!

Contact us on uhsussex.library@nhs.net to reserve your copy.


We’d love to hear your own review when you read it.

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