March Book of the Month: “Surviving Lockdown”

Welcome to our new monthly feature which will showcase a new book available to borrow from your library service. The books are chosen by our library team.

This month we have chosen the topical Surviving Lockdown: Human nature in social isolation by David Cohen. David Cohen is a prolific writer, filmmaker and psychologist.

See the review below on Amazon for a taster:

“We can live vicariously through science fiction and reality TV, but who’d have thought we’d be living it? And with no blueprint, how do we make sense of life in a pandemic?

“That’s where ‘Surviving Lockdown: Human Nature in Social Isolation’ by David Cohen comes in. It’s a veritable tour de force packed with psychological insights, personal anecdotes, references from popular culture, and coping strategies.

“Written in an engaging style, it offers a much needed to guide to making sense of life in lockdown. It’s a book to help us to reflect on our behaviour and mental states in extraordinary times, to extract life lessons and to inspire us to tell stories of survival and growth of our own.”

Dr Gary Wood, social psychologist, wellbeing coach and author of The Psychology of Wellbeing.


The book is available to borrow now from our libraries but you’ll need to be quick! Contact us on to reserve your copy.

We’d love to hear your own review when you read it. How many stars would you give it? Would you recommend it to friends? Are there similar books you’d recommend?

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