Do you need support in creating patient education materials?

Cecilia Bethencourt-Dunning, the Patient Information Librarian, is running online one-hour sessions to support staff who would like to make, or are in the process of making, patient education leaflets.

During this challenging period, when it is difficult to see patients face-to-face, being able to send well-written and helpful information is really important. These sessions cover:

  • Why we have a process for making patient education in the Trust
  • The dos and don’ts of making patient leaflets
  • What sort of language to use
  • The peer review process of written patient education before a leaflet is finally formatted and published in Trust style.

If you have a stack of old patient education leaflets that you’d like to update, these sessions are also applicable to you!

The leaflets now also go through a digital accessibility process, so that as well as being produced as a PDF, the information is also created as a web page on the BSUH website. This allows screen readers and accessibility software to access it more easily.

Take a look at some of the leaflets on the website’s cancer services page as an example.

Our sessions are being run online via MS Teams or Zoom. All dates and the online booking form are on our website under Information skills teaching.

Contact Cecilia at if you have any queries.