23rd December: iris

Over the past few years we have pushed the iris platform to include the latest learning technology tools.

Did you know…

…you can ask for a page to be set up for yourself and experiment with creating interactive content like interactive videos directly on the course page?

    …you can add a video to your course page and set it to complete after learners have watched a certain number of seconds or after they have watched more than 80%?

…you can add an anonymous league table based on how much your learners interact with your page?

…you can create new forms and collect learner data and feedback in your course page using the new better forms plugin?

…you can add badges to a course page for completing specific activities on your course page to reward curiosity?

…you can start recording and edit your first screencast tutorial using screencast-o-matic directly on the course page?

…you can make and launch your very first 360 virtual reality scenario from an iris page?!

Here is a preview of how it will look on a course page.

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