22nd December: The KnowledgeShare team

Ben Skinner, Elaine Watson, Rachel Playforth and Ceri-Ann Morgan-Wortham form our KnowledgeShare team. Together, they ensure the smooth running of the KnowledgeShare system which supports library staff in the provision of evidence update, evidence searches and skills sessions, not just in Brighton, Haywards Heath and Hove but in library services across England and Wales.

Over 100 library services are using KnowledgeShare so we get to know lots of library staff across the country when providing support and training. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been doing more virtual training and so far this year we’re provided 70 sessions and got to chat to over 130 library staff.

We are always testing KnowledgeShare to ensure it’s working and behaving as it should. It tends to get a little excited at Christmas….

Elaine takes her test members names from Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope novels. Rachel has been using characters from TV shows “The Good Place” and “Eureka” after a box set binge. Worryingly, Ben always uses Bond villains keen on world domination.

No doubt there’ll be more pretend characters added after the Christmas TV schedules!