21st December: The BSUH TEL team

The TEL Team are Denzil, Yannis and Iain. Denzil is a hot-headed maverick with a taste for mince pies and A/V cables, Yannis is a brash young content creator with a flair for tinsel and Iain is a miserly old curmudgeon who regularly tries to steal Christmas.  Together they can save the teaching from COVID,  one educator at a time.

Iain has a background in Academic Management, Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy and Implementation and Training in an HE context and spends much of his time planning and facilitating various projects where Technology and Education meet. He also manages iris, the Trust’s Learning Management System and finds and fixes data-related issues.

Yannis has a diverse background in Information Technology and Education. From his command centre at home, he puts together course pages, trains staff members in the art of e-learning development and teaching, manages course creation projects and sips copious amounts of coffee.

Denzil has a background in administration and is a keen film buff. He gives AV support to the Audrey Emerton Building, assists users with iris and does filming and editing projects for educational purposes. He has a secret stash of biscuits in his office that many have tried, and failed, to find.

Contact the BSUH TEL team on iris.learning@nhs.net