20th December: The BSMS Library and Knowledge team

The Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS) Library and Knowledge Team works alongside the BSMS TEL team and supports students and staff in their quest for knowledge. This includes managing the resources collections, managing access to the resources, and training all our users in information retrieval and evidence searching.

The team consists of:

Steve Bowman, BSMS Librarian and TEL Lead (Yes, you’ve already met him as he’s in the TEL team too but here he is again!)

Steve joined in April 2020 (post lockdown) and so has been 2D for most of this time. Previously Deputy Librarian and HSC Liaison at London South Bank University, he has a background in Allied Health and Higher Education. He has a long-term interest in the application of technologies in Teaching and Learning. His interests include book collecting, the history of film and cinema, cooking, and his amazing family!

Annemarie Frank, Assistant Librarian

Annemarie is in her 4th year at BSMS. In previous lives I worked in Public Libraries and before then as an associate lecturer at Birkbeck College. Road cycling, gardening, knitting and reading are what she does but most of all, getting together with grandchildren and their families are at the top her interests.

Katie Street, Assistant Librarian

Katie joined BSMS in 2007 from the NHS. Her previous career was as the Primary Care Outreach Librarian at Surrey & Sussex NHS Library & Knowledge Service so she brings a wealth of health skills and knowledge to the team.

Helen Barrett, BSMS Liaison Librarian

Helen has been a librarian with BSUH and BSMS for 11 years. Prior to that, Helen trained and worked as a Cordon Bleu chef. She loves to travel, to read, to weave and to eat out.

Matt Day, Library IT Support Technician

Matt has been wangling and swearing at BSUH and BSMS computers for the last 10 years. When not doing this he may be found trying not to fall off things, such as rock faces, mountain bikes and surf boards.

David Breeze, Senior Library Assistant

David came to Brighton to live on his boat in 2010 after travelling and working in South and Central America and South East Asia for three years teaching SCUBA and doing voluntary work. Before that David had a career of sorts as a librarian finishing up as Electronic Resources manager in a university library. And before that he was a probation hostel warden and at BSUH, he was a porter then an HCA before finding his way to the library. David does like to get around a bit and see new places and try different things! In his spare time he enjoys sailing and motorbiking.

The BSMS Library team’s work can be categorised into three broad areas:

  • Training their users in a range of skills used for evidence searching
  • Collection Development
  • Creating Learning Opportunities

The COVID-19 lockdown measures since March suddenly brought the need for digital delivery into sharp focus. The BSMS Library team have pivoted their activities to produce a series of pre-recorded lectures on the entire range of their training, enabling their users to receive this training at any time, any place, any pace!

You can contact the team on bsmslibrary@bsms.ac.uk