19th December: The Library and Knowledge Service Website

The Library and Knowledge Service website contains the links to everything you need when working, researching or studying healthcare. We’ve worked with the BSUH Comms team to create a website that meets your information needs, based on your feedback, suggestions and requests.

The green menu along the top signposts where we are and what we offer, including links to our Information skills teaching and our huge range of resources:

The Quick links underneath this menu take you to our most frequently used and asked for services:


Our News section highlights Library and Knowledge developments, new resources, changes to our services or opening hours and health-associated information campaigns. Or sometimes an introduction to new members of staff and whole teams and buildings, as below!


The bottom of our page has links to some of our key online resources, to save you having to search for them, but there are many more so do take a look here … more online resources








And finally, our rolling Tweets feed bring you more news and developments, from us and from the teams and organisations we follow:

Best of all, our website is on the internet and accessible from wherever you are, whether working from home or in the community and whether on your PC, laptop, tablet or phone!

Even at Christmas!