17th December: The Resources team

The Library and Knowledge Service purchase many electronic and print resources for staff and students to use. Below are some of the staff who are involved in the lengthy processes that go into making resources available.

Sharon Springham, Deputy Head of Library and Knowledge Service, buys the electronic resources, negotiating prices with publishers, and ensuring provision runs smoothly. Currently, she is involved in shifting the balance from print books to more electronic provision to allow greater access for library users.

Helen Barrett, Assistant Librarian, purchases print books for the library at PRH and helps with keeping links up to date for electronic books. She also trains new library staff in cataloguing print and online resources to national and regional standards.

Nicola Salliss, Assistant Librarian, monitors and analyses statistics of usage for our electronic resources. We use this data to decide which resources need more promotion in order to get best value for money. Nicola also trouble shoots when there are occasional blips!

David Breeze, Senior Library Assistant, deals with the print books at the library, RSCH when they arrive and catalogues them ready for borrowing.

Christine Webster, Senior Library Assistant, catalogues books for the library, PRH and adds links to the library catalogue for electronic books and journals.

We’re very happy to consider suggestions for purchase so do contact us with your book or journal recommendations.

Did you know……

The most unusual item left in one of our returned books?

We’ve found passports, £10 pound notes and electricity bills amongst the pages, but the strangest item has got to be the carefully wrapped smoked kipper in a cardiology textbook!