15th December: The Patient Information team

Cecilia Bethencourt-Dunning is the Patient Information Librarian for BSUH. Her role is, among other things, to support staff in the Trust to create patient information materials to share with their patients. She learned her librarian skills at the coal face of public libraries in London, and hasn’t looked back since.

Cecilia and Sharon Springham, who is the Deputy Head of the Library and Knowledge Service, manage the Carer and Patient Information Group (CPIG).

This year’s projects include changing all the patient leaflets on the Trust website into an accessible format. Here’s an example of their work: https://www.bsuh.nhs.uk/documents/macmillan-haematology-nurse-specialist/ but there’s still a lot of leaflets to convert!

You can sign up for Cecilia’s workshops on “Producing Patient Information”, or contact Cecilia and Sharon on bsuh.cpig@nhs.net