14th December: The Evidence Searching team

Whether you’re treating and informing patients, updating Trust guidelines, bidding for new services, teaching students and trainees or carrying out research, these are the people you need to contact.

They will search the key health databases, clinical summaries and specialist research sources and filter the results carefully, based on your specific needs and to your timescale.

You will receive a selected summary of findings with abstracts and extracts of relevant research, emailed to you as a word document with embedded links to full text.

They are:

  • Clinical Librarians Tom Roper and Igor Brbre
  • Specialist Librarian – Microguide Kevin Burgoyne
  • Mental Health Specialist Librarian Amy Dunn
  • Patient information Librarian Cecilia Bethencourt-Dunning
  • Public Health Specialist Librarian Frankie Marcelline
  • KnowledgeShare Librarian Rachel Playforth
  • Assistant Librarians Helen Barrett, Cecelia Schwartzman and Nicola Salliss.
  • Medical School Librarian Steve Bowman

Between them, they have vast experience of searching for information on a huge range of specialties and conditions; see a couple of their favourite experiences below:

“My favourite searching experience was when I had to call IT support to ask them to allow me to access some blocked websites. They were pretty suspicious of my desire to find out what the effect is of taking alcohol and cocaine together!”

“My all-time favourite mystifying database search result? “Passive Cushiony Biomechanics of Head Protection in Falling Geckos” J

Request an evidence search for Christmas here.