10th December: The Evidence Updates team

We are:

  • Clinical Librarians Tom Roper and Igor Brbre
  • Mental Health Specialist Librarian Amy Dunn
  • Patient information Librarian Cecilia Bethencourt-Dunning
  • Public Health Specialist Librarian Frankie Marcelline
  • Assistant Librarians Helen Barrett, Cecelia Schwartzman and Nicola Salliss.

Working with our Knowledge Management Librarians Elaine Watson and Rachel Playforth, we use our subject knowledge and our skills in synthesising information to index content for the KnowledgeShare Evidence Updates service.

Between us we index articles, guidelines and reports from over 100 different sources, and last year over 3000 local NHS staff received regular personalised updates in their email inbox… because the gift of evidence isn’t just for Christmas!

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(Mince pie art by Senior Knowledge Management Librarian Elaine Watson)