4th December: The Microguide Team

Kevin Burgoyne and Ceri Morgan-Wortham, the Microguide Team, are based in the RSCH Library in Brighton.


“I’m one of the specialist librarians for Quality and Safety and also the Trust Administrator for BSUH Microguide, curating the collection of clinical guidance and pathways with Ceri’s help to make sure they’re current and as accessible as possible.

“It’s been busy since March of course with the clinical and site teams continually adapting how they work and adding to the dedicated guide we now have for pandemic working.

“It will keep me busy over Christmas, but I’m looking forward to getting some posh beer from Burning Sky or Unbarred to help feel a little of that festive magic!”


“I’m lucky to be part of many teams within the library so I get to work with a whole host of lovely people and work on a variety of projects including Microguide.

Lots to do between now and Christmas before we can put our feet up and enjoy the festive spirit(s)!”

Contact the Microguide Team at bsuh.microguide@nhs.net