1st December: The Library and Knowledge Service

There are so many things on offer from your library and knowledge service, and so many wonderful people making it all happen, that we’ve decided to highlight a different team or service for each day of the Christmas season.

If you work or study in or around Brighton and Haywards Heath then you’ll find our team nearby.

You’ll find us in our libraries at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Princess Royal and Mill View Hospital, where students and staff come for a place to learn, work in small groups, read or use our computers for online education. You’ll find us at the university campuses at Falmer, working alongside the university librarians or with the BSMS faculty on improving teaching via the latest technology.

You may well meet us out and about in the hospitals and education centres too (or on MS Teams while the pandemic rumbles on). We join clinicians and public health teams to help resolve uncertainties about patient care and wellbeing, we sit alongside clinical managers to develop pathways and guidelines or produce patient education materials, and we make sure educators have the digital equipment they need to engage their learners (and the skills to use it).

And of course you may never meet our team in person. You may only know us from the messages you receive with that article you requested last minute, the research you need to answer a difficult question, the latest publications hand-picked to help keep you up-to-date in your field. Though we don’t promise long white beards, big red hats or jingling bells we do what we can to offer little gifts of knowledge delivered to your inbox all year round.

Contact the Library and Knowledge Service at bsuh.library@nhs.net