“Can you hear me? I can hear you….”

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Many face-to-face interactions are now expected to be conducted online, from meeting colleagues and interviewing job candidates to consulting patients and teaching our peers, trainees and students.

The BSUH iris Team’s weekly programme is designed to guide busy staff through a range of learning technologies, including facilitating meetings and teaching on MS Teams.  Everything is covered, from the basics to taking learners to the next level.

All sessions are online and interactive, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and seek advice from the iris experts. Follow the links below to see details and booking on iris.

*If you do not already have an iris account, you can apply for one here. If you are not a BSUH employee, select External Medical Trainee and use an NHS email. Once you have the account, you can sign up to the sessions by following the links below.

Note: Some of the learning tools are only available to BSUH staff but staff from other Trusts are welcome to join the sessions. Contact the iris Team for advice.

Be sure to follow the iris Team on their social accounts for new developments: