TEL Activity: New TEL Courses

The iris Team are excited to announce two brand-new Technology Enhanced Learning courses now live on the platform. With the demand for more e-learning growing by what feels like the second, we’ve recognized the need within the Trust for upskilling in this area. These two courses signify the next step in our ongoing aim to make online learning development easier and accessible to all.

e-Learning Development Course

This blended learning course is designed to train learners to use authoring tools to develop engaging interactive e-learning packages. At the moment, the training focuses exclusively on the use of Rise Articulate, an easy-to-learn tool that enables rapid e-learning development.

Through Rise, SMEs and other course runners will be able to transform most types of learning into persistent interactive learning packages on iris. You can take this course as part of a course page project you are working on with the iris Team.

Search rise on iris or select this link to enrol.

Screencasting Training Course

This e-learning course is designed to train learners to download, install and use Screencast-o-matic to record screencast videos. These videos are a quick and simple method to move your face-to-face presentations and lessons onto iris. You can use the software to record your screen, your voice and your camera (if you wish).

If you have a presentation or lesson you want your learners to access at any time via iris, this is the course that will get you started.

Anyone can enrol onto the course by searching screencast on iris or by selecting this link.

Accessible Content Training Course

This blended course is designed to train staff to make Word Documents for iris in a way that anyone can use. We will cover the basics of turning a Word document into an Accessible Word document. We also give tips on formats to avoid and advice on how to meet the Website Accessibility Directive.

If you make documents which will go on iris, the staff intranet or the external trust websites, this course is the best place to start.

Anyone can enrol by searching accessibility on iris or by selecting this link.