Spotlight on: TEL

Since the beginning of the lockdown, there have been a number of updates and new items added to iris. With the influx of requests for new courses, we have had the opportunity to take feedback into account and make changes to the platform.

Our main driving force has been to make iris a more welcoming and engaging space for all Trust staff to develop their skills and deliver their learning effectively no matter what the circumstances.

Here are some key updates we have made as well as some newly added course to iris.

Course Page Templates

We began with redesigning the spaces learners spend their most time on: course pages. Our aim was to make them aesthetically more palatable and more functional regardless of the device being used to access them.

We identified four main types of course pages and devised a colour scheme for each of them to make it clearer to learners what type of course they are taking, as well as adding variety to iris as a platform.

  • e-Learning course: Green
  • Blended/Hybrid course: Pink
  • Webinar/Face-to-Face course: Blue
  • Information/Landing page: Purple

Gamification Features

Sometimes a little extra nudge is helpful to encourage learners to stay on track. This can be achieved by adding fun learner engagement features to give lighthearted goals. As such, we are implementing a new feature called Level Up to course pages with non-essential content.

Learners taking a course with Level Up implemented will receive points for participating and can check their progress compared to their peers in the leaderboards. As this is a new feature, we are taking all feedback into consideration so feel free to contact us.

New Courses and Events

Through close collaboration with subject matter experts from across disciplines within the Trust, we have been able to launch a number of new courses. Here is a list of the most recent ones we have released, with more coming down the pipeline.

We have also released a new video series to help assist with making your online teaching more engaging.

That is all we have for this time! Remember you can always learn more about teaching and learning online as well as join our Remote Teaching Drop-In sessions

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