iris: enabling learning during COVID-19

The iris Team is pleased to announce several improvements to our learning management system. With COVID-19 having changed the way we work as a Trust, the team has made iris a key component in the continuation of education during this time.

  • We have opened up self-service access to iris which enables staff to complete their training more rapidly and without coming into the Trust.
  • We have adapted face-to-face statutory and mandatory training into e-learning to aid remote working.
  • We have signposted to local COVID-19 guidelines and news updates from the iris dashboard
  • We have added a wide range of local and national COVID-19 e-learning materials to iris.

These changes have been enabled by remote teaching tools provided through iris that have empowered our subject matter experts to create engaging and effective e-learning courses. An example is the newly launched Administration of Blood and Blood Products course, adapted into an e-learning package by Laura Humber, one of our transfusion practitioners.

There are many other courses being delivered via iris and facilitated through learning technologies such as screencasting, interactive video, ‘gamification’, and e-learning packages. Let us know if you have recorded or want to record educational materials so we can take the headache out of hosting, sharing and captioning videos.

If you would like to know more about how to adapt your education into e-learning, we host a regular remote teaching drop-in so you can come in for a chat with us. You can also e-mail us about getting access to the tools mentioned above at

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