MicroGuide – UHSussex clinical and prescribing guidelines in one place


We’re very pleased to support MicroGuide, the new central hub for prescribing and clinical guidelines at University Hospitals Sussex. Below is more about this exciting innovation from Dr Philip Rankin, Clinical Fellow Acute Floor at BSUH.

What is it?Microguide Logo

The UHSussex Microguide is your accessible one-stop shop for high-quality, BSUH-approved clinical and prescribing guidance.

We aim for our patients to receive consistent, effective care, and Microguide supports improved access to the information clinicians need to guide their decision making.

This is a UHSussex Trust-wide initiative with involvement from all Divisions. Our Guides are as follows:

1. Adult Antimicrobial Guide
2. Paediatric Antimicrobial Guide
3. Anaesthetics and Critical Care Guide
4. Cross-Specialty Guide
(for example pain and fluid management as applies to all specialties)
5. Emergency Medicine and Ambulatory Care Guide
6. General Hospital Information
(Foundation Doctor Guides, MedEducation + Library team info)
7. Head and Neck (OMFS, Ophthalmology, Audiology, ENT, Oculoplastics)
8. Joint Formulary and Medicines Safety Guide (including A-Z Prescribing Information)
9. Medicine and Specialty Guide (all medical specialties)
10. Paediatrics and Neonatology Guide
11. Surgery (all surgical specialties except those covered in Head and Neck)
12. Women’s Health (obstetrics, gynaecology, midwifery)

NB: In time it will replace the clinical/prescribing information on the intranet. All hard copies of guidance are to be stored on central T drive. Centralizing and streamlining management of UHSussex resources is our aim.

Who is it for?

Microguide is for all UHSussex members of staff and students to help them keep updated on latest UHSussex clinical and prescribing guidance. Please access, enjoy and spread the message.

Where do I access it?

  1. On the internet: https://viewer.microguide.global/BSUH (works on phones and mobile devices)
  2. Via the BSUH intranet: look for the Microguide link, left side of the homepage, under Clinical. (Try Firefox if Internet Explorer doesn’t work!)
  3. Download the app to your mobile device: search Microguide on Apple/Android/Windows – but be aware there are regular updates!

How can I submit new content/make suggestions?

Email bsuh.microguide@nhs.net – we have an updated governance and quality assurance structure for the publishing of BSUH clinical and prescribing information.

How can I become a Lead Author/Editor and become a Microguide master?

Email bsuh.microguide@nhs.net and full training can be provided.