Knowvember: BSUH Microguide: Guidance at your fingertips

BSUH NHS Trust has worked with Microguide to develop an accessible one-stop shop to access essential, high-quality, Trust-approved clinical and prescribing guidance.

We aim for our patients to receive consistent, effective care, and Microguide enables this by improving access to the information clinicians need to guide their decision-making.

Guides covering key clinical and non-clinical information are available as a mobile app (which works offline) via iOS , Android , Windows or on the web.

The Microguide is a Trust-wide initiative, led by the Directorate of Education and Knowledge, with involvement from all clinical divisions.  Our aim is to ensure that all departmental guidance is collected into one place, and is regularly updated based on a review of the latest evidence by a specialist clinical librarian.  We have made great progress this year with massive expansion across our twelve different guides.

In 2019, we have had around 20,000 page views per month, spread across 3000 registered users.  94% of trainees asked say they find it helpful to have an app to access guidance rather than using the intranet, and feel that they have easy access to the local clinical guidance needed to make safe, effective management decisions for patients.

It’s not just for doctors, 22% of registered users are pharmacists, and 10% are nurses, with that number growing each month.