Supporting clinical research

As well as finding evidence for everything from deciding how best to care for a patient to supporting a business case for service change, our librarians directly support clinical researchers locally, from large-scale international and national  projects to local ones.

Our clinical librarians work closely with researchers in their fields: Igor Brbre, Clinical Librarian for Neonatology, has had a fruitful partnership with the research team led by Dr Heike Rabe, working on cord-clamping in newborns, while Tom Roper, Clinical Librarian for Trauma and Orthopaedics, works closely with the Sussex Orthopaedics Research Group, supporting some of the most productive orthopaedic researchers in the South-East.

Understanding the current state of knowledge is an essential starting point for any research project, and the library saves researchers time and effort, as well as ensuring a comprehensive search has been carried out. We can not only trace studies that have been completed, but also trials and systematic reviews in progress, using an ever-increasing range of research registries.

We also advise on open access, on ORCID IDs, on avoiding predatory journals and on using EndNote and similar tools to manage large numbers of references.

One of the clinical librarians is the Library and Knowledge Service representative on the BSUH Protocol Review Panel, which reviews, comments on, and approves research bids.