We have a new Health Promotion Senior Library Assistant!

We’re delighted to welcome Roland Christopher to our team. You can learn more about him and his role below:

“I’m the new Health Promotion Senior Library Assistant, supporting Frankie Marcelline in her contacts with the wider community, particularly with the provision of a wide range of leaflets and other material to inform people, and help them make good choices with their health.  I’ll also be spending time on the enquiry desk, here at the Audrey Emerton Building in Brighton.

“This is my first time in a health environment, having spent most of my career in engineering, with around 30 years spent with the Library team at Ricardo in Shoreham – an international consultancy working in the automotive industry, dealing particularly with engines and vehicles. I have also worked in London for a civil engineering partnership, and additionally spent a few years managing the cuttings Library at the Evening Argus newspaper.

“After many years with fairly small groups of users, it’s great to be in touch with a much larger group of Library members, and of course with a variety of organizations across the city. There’s a lot to learn, but everyone on the LKS team has been very welcoming, and willing to spend time explaining things to the new boy!”

You can contact Roland on roland.christopher@nhs.net