Evidence based practice: why 3 is a magic number

Back in March Amy Dunn, our Mental Health Specialist Librarian, attended Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Effective Care and Treatment Conference. The conference was designed to be fun, interactive and informative, with quiz questions to engage delegates as they followed a ‘yellow evidence brick road’ of stalls which connected the various rooms within the venue.

Amy and her colleague Tom Kelly from West Sussex Knowledge & Libraries created a display of information on the library services we provide, and helped conference delegates to win prizes by answering quiz questions about library resources and ways of keeping up-to-date with evidence.

The conference was titled “Why 3 is a magic number” and Chief Medical Officer Dr Rick Fraser explained the three pillars of evidence based practice through the unusual medium of song!

Keynote speakers Ashley Fulwood and Dr David Shiers gave their perspectives as a service user and a carer, speaking about the importance of giving patients choice and respecting their values and expectations.

Workshops in the afternoon tackled six knotty questions about evidence based practice, and participants were encouraged to make pledges on ways that they could take evidence based practice forward in their workplace.