New year and new role for Kevin!

As yokevin -2017u may recall, Kevin Burgoyne became our Specialist Primary Care Librarian in 2017.

Despite the best efforts of everyone concerned, funding for the post ceased in late 2018, but the phoenix has risen from its ashes into a brand new role of Clinical Librarian for BSUH NHS Trust, focusing on Quality and Patient Safety.

Here is what Kevin has to say about his new direction:

“This new role is really interesting and reflects the range of requests for evidence and information that we see in the Library, from all areas of the Trust and beyond.

“I’m starting to work with the Patient First team on quality improvement projects that all teams will be involved in. Also, I am beginning to sit in some patient safety meetings, following on from work with the regional Serious Incident Review Group in my previous role.

“A large part of the new role is to support the Microguide project. This is making Trust policies, clinical guidelines and procedures (and more!) instantly accessible to the staff that need them, and well managed so that they are up to date, approved and based on best evidence. Lots has already been done by some of the Trust’s incredibly dedicated clinicians to make this a valued resource, but there’s plenty more to do as more teams and departments get involved. Microguide is available to anyone, it is linked to on the info-net or go directly:

“It’s great to be able to support continuous improvement at BSUH, and I also continue to work with SCFT and primary care staff, so there’s never a dull moment!”

Kevin can be contacted on to discuss any of the above.