Enhance your diagnostic accuracy with VisualDX

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The library has taken out a year’s subscription to Visual DX after a successful two months’ trial.

Just exactly what is VisualDX?

Visual DX is a differential diagnosis tool with a huge image library that allows you to see the visual presentation of illnesses.



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It is widely used in the US, but it is still relatively new to the UK and we are the first Trust to take it on. As others join up, the content will become more UK and European focused.

Visual DX links to UptoDate, so you can see their summaries via this portal.

Healthcare professionals can use Visual DX to:

  • build a differential


  • confirm a diagnosis
  • provide patients with visual information

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How accurate is VisualDX?

This is a question we have been asked but the science behind the database may provide some reassurance.

Each query or symptom that goes into the database is mapped relationally with concept links being supported by the evidence base – be that a book, article or media and in each case, a literature search has been conducted and the best evidence selected. This is reviewed and added to on a regular basis, although it remains proprietary. 

How do I access VisualDX?

VisualDX is available with an NHS OpenAthens password for the following organisations:

  • BSUH
  • Brighton & Hove practice and CCG staff
  • SCFT
  • SPFT

You can access Visual DX from our library website or direct at http://ovidsp.ovid.com/athens/

Help in using VisualDX

For more information or a demonstration of the site, please contact Lisa Mclaren, the Brighton & Sussex Medical School Librarian on l.mclaren@bsms.ac.uk