BMJ Best Practice – troubleshooting

Some users are seeing the error message ‘Request Entity Too Large’ when trying to access BMJ Best Practice via OpenAthens. BMJ Customer Services have recommended clearing the cache or opening a private browsing window as follows:

Open a private browsing window:

Internet Explorer

  • Open the Tools menu
  • Select Safety
  • Select  InPrivate Browsing


  • Open the main menu
  • Select New Private Window

Clear the cache:

Internet Explorer

  • Press CTRL + Shift + Delete
  • Clear the temporary Internet files and website files
  • Clear the Cookies and website data


  • Press F12 on your keyboard
  • Select the ‘Storage’ tab
  • For each storage in the left-hand pane, clear/delete

We would also recommend that you create a personal account for BMJ Best Practice as this gives an alternative option for logging in:

  • Login to BMJ Best Practice via OpenAthens
  • In the box headed ‘Accessing via your institution’ click on Register

Contact us for further guidance.