Thumbs up from students at Brighton & Sussex Medical School!

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The National Student Survey results are in and we’re pleased to report excellent results for BSMS.

Lisa McLaren, BSMS Librarian, has the details.

“BSMS has done well as usual, scoring 98% overall satisfaction and sitting 3rd in the leadership table, in what was a challenging year for curriculum change.

“The library service has also done incredibly well, based on figures sent from both BSMS and the University of Sussex. We scored 97% on Question 19, which is “The library resources (e.g. books, online services and learning spaces) have supported my learning well”, up 3% from an already great result in 2017. This puts us well ahead of the sector average of 86% and puts us 5th in the UK for library resources.

BSMS students

“On Question 18, “The IT resources and facilities provided have supported my learning well” we scored a little lower at 88%, which is still above the sector average of 83%. Given the many challenges we’ve had with IT and space in the Audrey Emerton, I think this is a great achievement.

“We are also included in Question 20, which is around having access to course specific materials and software, less of our remit, but it still falls under the remit of Learning Resources. As we scored another impressive 97% here, our overall average for the full category is 94%.

“We didn’t have any library specific comments this year, but as other libraries have taken big hits over the number of copies of books available and a lack of space in the library, this would suggest that on the whole, we’re getting those things right. And, of course, the 3Ts project might provide some options for study space as our cohort for medicine and nursing increase in the next few years. I’ve heard great things from the students about the desk staff in particular, around the friendliness, knowledge and kindness shown to the students and this is a major part in why we consistently score so high each year. The students really appreciate that personal and genuine interaction with everyone. So let’s keep up the excellent work with the new cohorts this year.”