70 years of the NHS, 150 years of the RSCH and 46 years of the Library & Knowledge Service!

We all knoJudy Lehmann 'leaving do' 11.02.11w the NHS is celebrating its 70th Anniversary and the RSCH is 150 years old, but did you know Brighton & Sussex NHS Library & Knowledge Service will be 46 this year?

Our Library Service was established in 1972 at the Brighton General Hospital. It began life as just one tiny room staffed by one very driven, resourceful and innovative Librarian, namely Judy Lehmann, former Head of Library Services.

We’ve expanded and now comprise three libraries: the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, the Sussex Education Centre at Mill View Hospital in Hove and The Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath. These serve staff, trainees and students in local NHS organisations and Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Our library team has grown too and we are now commissioned to provide library and knowledge services to a wide range of local health organisations. We have clinical librarians, specialist librarians in public health and health promotion, mental health, primary care and patient information, learning technologists, enquiry desk and document supply teams and the Brighton & Sussex Medical School team.

Between us, we support lifelong learning, research and innovation, and supply the evidence base to support decision making on treatment, patient care, patient safety, commissioning and policy.

We’ve come a long way, but we like to think we’re just as driven, resourceful and innovative as Judy Lehmann was back in 1972!