Health Education England visit our Clinical Librarian service

Tim Swanwick (HEE Dean for Education and Leadership), Sue Lacey-Bryant ( HEE Programme Manager and Senior Advisor on Knowledge for Healthcare) and Louise Goswami (Head of Library and Knowledge Services and Technology-Enhanced Learning for London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex) are coming to the Royal Sussex County Hospital today (Tuesday) to learn more about our clinical librarian service.

Two clinical librarians, Igor Brbre and Tom Roper, work with selected directorates at Brighton and Sussex NHS University Hospitals Trust – Abdominal Surgery and Medicine, the Acute Floor, Children’s Services, Musculoskeletal and Women’s Services. They support evidence-based practice, education and research, attending departmental meetings, identifying gaps in knowledge and filling them with evidence.

We’ve been offering a clinical librarian service since 2003, and it has grown to become a highly-valued part of the service. Over the past twelve months Igor and Tom performed 208 evidence searches for their departments, on topics such as regulation of the sale of alcohol and the impact on alcohol related liver disease admissions, haemorrhage in major trauma, damage control orthopaedics and early appropriate care and 3D imaging corpus callosum in infants prenatally exposed to alcohol.