Acute Care medicine and nursing

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intensive and crit care nursing

Intensive and Critical Care Nursing (BSUH OpenAthens password required)





jnl acute med

Journal of Acute Medicine (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)





pediatric critical care

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine  (NHS OpenAthens password required)





pediatric emergency carePediatric Emergency Care  (NHS OpenAthens password required)






americanThe American Journal of Emergency Medicine  (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)







acute medicine

Sprigings D. Acute medicine: a practical guide to the management of medical emergencies 5th ed  2018





acute medicine 2

O’Kane D.  Acute medicine.   2nd ed. 2017






Acute and critical care

Tait D.  Acute and critical care in adult nursing.  2nd ed   2016





oxford desk

Leach R. Oxford desk reference: acute medicine. 2016





nursing acutely ill

Woodrow P.  Nursing acutely ill adults. 2016





emergency and acute med

Meardon N.  Emergency and acute medicine on the move.  2016






doing researc

Wilson M P. Doing research in emergency and acute care: making order out of chaos. 2016






Evidence searches carried out on Acute Care

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:

Assessment of fluid responsiveness and cardiac output using trans-thoracic echocardiography in acute medicine or shocked patient

Clinical governance in emergency departments

Attitudes/behaviours of medical staff attending multiple cardiac arrests/medical emergencies in one shift

Prevalence of burnout in emergency physicians

Management of atrial fibrillation in the emergency department

The use of ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) during cardiac arrest

Time and motion studies in acute medicine

Web and other resources

UpToDate – Emergency Medicine (Adults & Paediatrics)

Summaries & Synopses. (NHS OpenAthens BSUH only). UpToDate is also available via the BSUH Trust Intranet.

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is the professional body responsible for the training, assessment, practice and continuing professional development of Intensive Care Medicine doctors and practitioners in the UK.


There has been a considerable growth in recent years in openly accessible and crowd-sourced materials that can be used to supplement and enhance traditional educational methods. This page brings together a series of weblinks to FOAMed sites.  To note that this page is intended as a helpful resource and the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine does not endorse or monitor the content of any of these sites.