Even more support for Primary Care staff

Here’s just a selection of the rich resources to support Primary Care. Explore our full range via our website: https://www.bsuh.nhs.uk/library/

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Papanikitas A. Handbook of primary care ethics. 2018






Blythe A.  Essential primary care. 2017







Carvalho A F. Mental disorders in primary care: a guide to their evaluation and management. 2017







Chilton S.   A textbook of community nursing.  2nd ed. 2017







Ashdown H. BMJ 10 minute consultations: primary care. 2016







Pearson D. How to succeed on primary care and community placements. 2016







Stuart M R.  The fifteen minute hour: therapeutic talk in primary care. 5th ed. 2015






bjcom nursing

British Journal  of Community Nursing    (NHS OpenAthens password required)






com practi


Community Practitioner  (NHS OpenAthens password required)





educ for pc


Education for Primary Care  (NHS OpenAthens password required)





family practice


Family Practice Management  (Kent, Surrey, Sussex NHS OpenAthens password required)





j com nursing


Journal of Community Nursing   (NHS OpenAthens password required)





practice nurse


Practice Nurse   (NHS OpenAthens password required)





qual prim care


Quality in Primary Care  (NHS OpenAthens password required)




Evidence searches carried out on Primary Care

We provide evidence to inform patient care, service improvement, research and clinical teaching. Recent searches we’ve provided include:

Long term maintenance of diet and exercise behaviours after intensive initiatives stop for patients at risk of diabetes

Demand and capacity in general practice or primary care

Sepsis in primary care

Multidisciplinary training for practice teams

CBT groups in primary care for adults with anxiety

Good practice in models of primary care

Locally Commissioned Services which support the transfer of dementia patients requiring medication review back to primary care

Commissioning CT scanner for Primary Care

Web and other resources

Best Practice Point of care decision-support. (BSUH and Brighton and Hove Practice and CCG staff  NHS OpenAthens passwords)

Clinical Key  Articles, guidelines, images, videos and books (NHS OpenAthens password required)