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“I was submitting an Individual Funding Request to prescribe secukinumab as a first line treatment for psoriasis, which was to cost around £5,000. The report you provided was vital and I would not have been able to make the request without your help. Thanks to your report the drug company has agreed to cover the patient’s medication for the year.”     Consultant, BSUH NHS Trust

Evidence search collageIf you want to find the very best evidence but have limited time, we’ll research for you. We’ll search key health databases, clinical summaries and specialist research sources and filter the results carefully, based on your specific needs and to your timescale.

“The comprehensive research you provided was used to cost and commission a local service and ensured that guidance given was up-to-date and accurate. This will impact on patient care and helped to identify a benchmark, therefore enabling us to maximise savings. As a commissioner I found it incredibly helpful, and time-saving.”  Clinical Commissioning Manager, Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG

We’ll provide you with a selected summary of our findings with abstracts and extracts of relevant research.

This will be emailed to you as a word document with embedded links to full text:

search service extract

“It is incredibly helpful to have an expert searcher and to have results formatted in such a clear, systematic way. It means we genuinely ensure that we draw on available evidence as we implement projects, rather than guesswork – or relying on a rather ad- hoc Google smattering of search results.”  Associate Director, BSUH NHS Trust


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